Tony (Zhaoming) Chen

Tony (Zhaoming) Chen’s work explores human perception and multiple perspectives concerning consumption and technology. The advance of automation has accelerated the pace of human life and reduced the time for imagination to function. Chen constructs interactive and immersive environments through light and projections in his sculptural pieces. These materials are manipulated in a way to express new forms of perspective that allow the viewer to experience something that cannot be seen in the media. Chen’s works interact with the viewer and inspire new possibilities of perceiving the world. 

Perspective Prism

Size: 24‘’x48’’x28’

Year: 2020

Medium: Cardboard box, projector, paper, garage

Duration: 1min 27sec


Year: 2021

Medium: Wooden Chair, Projector

Duration: 2min 17sec

Stretch World

Size: 42’’x50’’x6’

Year: 2021

Medium: Water color, printing paper, cardboard, wooden figure, dining table, chair

Hierarchy Uncertainty

Size: 30’’x48’’x25’’

Year: 2021

Medium: box, paper, plastic, wood frame, string

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Phone: 650-391-6531

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